The Evolving Internet


The man behind the vision of the ARPANET or even the global computer network in general was Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider. In 1962, in a series of talks called the Intergalactic Computing Network he discussed many of the principals used in today's internet including cloud computing. In 1968, he described his vision of network applications in his paper The Computer as a Communication Device. He was also behind the funding of the ARPANET as well as other network research. Back in 1957 computers were only able to do a single task at a time. In addition, they could not communicate or connect with other computers. Eventually the lack of inter computer communication was found to be ineffective and a remote connection was made to connect two computers. Later developers created more remote connections so that a single computer could connect to multiple computers and this became known as "Time sharing." "Time sharing" eventually became impractical as the network was extended and "Time Sharing" was then replaced by minicomputers and then the minicomputers were replaced by microcomputers. DARPA, created the next basis for the model of the internet which they called the DARPANET and then later renamed the ARPANET in 1969. In the ARPANET there was a mainframe computer that housed data files and that had the capability to initialize programs. The mainframe computer would be connected to an IMP computer, Interface message processor, the IMP would run the tasks of the network activities and serve as the interface for the mainframe computer. The IMP would often be connected in an "IMP Subnet." The first connections between the IMPS were verified by the NCP or Network Control Protocol and then later by the TCP, Transmission Control Protocol. The NCP and later the TCP verified that files had been properly sent. Later the TCP would be used to assimilate different networks so that there was some standardization and therefore communication amongst different computers.


The Word That Should Be Defined

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