Kristen Gilles

Email & Web Developer

Hi, my name is Kristen:

My forte is coding responsive html emails.

I'm a hybrid of a Salesforce Technical Marketer and Salesforce Developer.


The Fresh Basket Marketing

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Wine&Paint Not🖌 Event

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Horticultural Home Newsletter

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Take-a-Hike! Newsletter

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M/I Homes Marketing Email

M/I Homes Marketing

M/I Homes Marketing Email

M/I Homes Marketing

Advanced Medical Laser Center

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Hyperdrive Agile




Tic Tac Toe

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Ghost in the Machine

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Remote Control of Lights

Created a User Interface where smart lights can remotely controlled. Features include the ability to dim lights as well as turning them off.

Splash Cash: Marketing promotion

My team created the winning marketing campaign. The concept of the campaign was called "Splash or Cash." I built a responsive website to display our various campaign ideas.

History of the Internet

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Virtual Terra

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Business Systems Analyst

J.P. Morgan Chase
July 2018 - Present

  • Developed Program to increase effiency and decrease error rate
  • Develop emails
  • Utilize Litmus to perform quality checks on emails
  • Support the production and maintenance of public facing websites

Email Developer

M/I Homes
Sept 2015 - Jun. 2018

  • Code HTML/CSS email templates
  • Q&A emails before they are sent
  • Segment sends to Database
  • Work on projects to improve email practice

Freelance Web Designer

Creative Creative Content Studio
Aug 2015 - Oct. 2016

  • Customize Divi WordPress Theme for clients
  • Install Wordpress, Divi Theme and Plugins on Host Registrar or as an Add On Subdomain
  • Perform Wordpress site migrations
  • Troubleshoot technical Issues

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